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Article 214 of the Constitution of India reads as follows:

"214. High Courts for States :-  
            There shall be a High Court for each State"

Thus this is the High Court for the State of Kerala.

             Article 230 enables the Indian Parliament, by law to extend the jurisdiction of a High Court to any Union Territory. By virtue of this the High Court of Kerala is also the High Court having jurisdiction over the Union Territory of Lakshadweep.


             The High Court is a Constitutional Court in terms of Article 215. It is a court of record and has all the powers of such court including the power to punish for contempt of itself. Every High Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and such other judges as the President of India from time to time deem it necessary. At present, the sanctioned Judge strength of the High Court of Kerala is 35 Permanent Judges including the Chief Justice and 12 Additional Judges. Every judge including the Chief Justice shall be appointed by the President of India by Warrant under his hand and seal. Every permanent judge will continue in office until he attains the age of 62 years. The Additional Judges are appointed for a period not exceeding two years taking into account the temporary increase in the business of the High Court. Such judge shall also not hold office after attaining the age of 62.



As at present, there are 30 Permanent Judges including the Chief Justice and 7 Additional Judges. They are:


* Permanent Judges:


  1. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice S. Manikumar (Chief Justice)

  2. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice C. T. Ravikumar

  3. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. M. Shaffique

  4. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice K. Vinod Chandran

  5. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. Hariprasad

  6. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sarasa Venkatanarayana Bhatti

  7. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Alexander Thomas

  8. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. Muhamed Mustaque

  9. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. K. Jayasankaran Nambiar

  10. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anil K. Narendran

  11. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. M. Badar

  12. The Hon’ble Smt. Justice P. V. Asha

  13. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice P. B. Suresh Kumar

  14. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Amit Rawal

  15. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sunil Thomas

  16. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shaji P. Chaly

  17. The Hon’ble Mrs. Justice Anu Sivaraman

  18. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Raja Vijayaraghavan V.

  19. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice B. Sudheendra Kumar

  20. The Hon’ble Mrs. Justice Mary Joseph

  21. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sathish Ninan

  22. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Devan Ramachandran

  23. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice P. Somarajan

  24. The Hon’ble Mrs. Justice V. Shircy

  25. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ashok Menon

  26. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Narayana Pisharadi R.

  27. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. G. Arun

  28. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice N. Nagaresh

  29. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice T. V. Anilkumar

  30. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice N. Anil Kumar

* Additional Judges:

  1. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice C. S. Dias

  2. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. V. Kunhikrishnan

  3. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice T. R. RAVI

  4. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas

  5. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice Gopinath P.

  6. The Hon'ble Mrs. Justice M. R. Anitha

  7. The Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Haripal

           In terms of Article 226 of the Constitution of India, the High Court shall have power in relation to its territorial jurisdiction to issue Directions, Orders and Writs including the Writs in the nature of Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Prohibition, Quowarranto and Certiorari for enforcement of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens under Part III of the Constitution or for any other purpose. The High Court shall also have superintendence over all Courts and Tribunals throughout the territory in relation to which it exercises jurisdiction, as provided in Article 227 of the Constitution.


           The business and exercise of the powers of the High Court of Kerala are regulated by the provisions contained in the Kerala High Court Act, 1958 and the Rules of the High Court of Kerala, 1971 prescribed there-under. The High Court has Original, Appellate as well as Revisional jurisdiction in both civil as well as criminal matters apart from the power to answer reference under certain statutes. The High Court transacts its business, judges sitting single, in division and in specifically referred matters in Full Bench.